French PoliceMan FundRaising

France Riots: A fundraiser for a French police officer who shot and killed a teenager has raised over 986,000 euros ($1.07 million) as of Monday. This amount far exceeds the donations collected for the victim’s family. More than 40,000 people have contributed to the online fund, which was set up by a far-right media commentator on The support for the officer has caused distress for Nahel’s grandmother, who expressed her heartbreak and called for justice.

The shooting, which occurred during a traffic stop, has exposed deep political divisions in France. Right-wing figures defend the security forces, while those on the left see it as a result of systemic racism in the police. The riots and looting that have taken place since Tuesday have further intensified the divide. Politicians from the ruling party and left-wing groups have criticized the fundraiser for the officer, considering it indecent and scandalous.

The officer’s actions have sparked debates and raised concerns about the fairness of the justice system. His supporters, led by Jean Messiha, a former advisor to a far-right leader, celebrated when the funds surpassed those collected for Nahel’s family. However, many politicians and activists have condemned the campaign, comparing it to a previous fundraiser that was quickly shut down after supporting violence against police officers.

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The officer, identified as Florian M., has been charged with voluntary manslaughter and is currently in custody. The incident, captured in a video, shows Florian M. and his colleague stopping Nahel’s car. Without a driver’s license, Nahel was shot at close range as the car drove away. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne acknowledged that the officer’s actions were not in line with police rules.

The controversy surrounding the fundraiser highlights the deep divisions in French society and raises questions about justice and police conduct. The case has attracted attention from both supporters and critics, with strong opinions on both sides. The focus now shifts to the ongoing legal proceedings and the calls for accountability and justice for Nahel’s tragic death.

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