Pixie Curtis

Pixie Curtis, an 11-year-old entrepreneur from Australia, is getting ready for a unique celebration – a retirement party for her 12th birthday. The young CEO of Pixie’s Fidgets, a successful toy company, is taking a step back from her booming business to focus on her studies.

The party promises to be exciting, with Pixie preparing goodie bags for her guests. Each bag is filled with skincare products and is worth over $50 (approximately Rs 4,112). The luxury Australian beauty brand, MCoBeauty, generously sponsored the goodie bags, which include a fantastic six-piece brush set, bronzing drops, 2-in-1 glow lip treatment, and lip balm.

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Interestingly, Pixie’s entrepreneurial journey began with her mother, Roxy Jacenko, in 2021. Starting with selling bows, they later ventured into the fidget spinner business during the pandemic, and their venture flourished into a multimillion-dollar empire, as reported by New York Post.

As of 2023, the young go-getter earns an impressive $133,000 every month (approx. Rs 1,09,40,546), according to News.com.au. She even owns a luxurious Mercedes Benz! Pixie is popular on social media, boasting an Instagram account with 140k followers, where she offers a glimpse into her ultra-luxurious lifestyle.

However, not everyone seems thrilled about an 11-year-old being so immersed in the world of adults and constantly promoting products designed for older audiences. Some users expressed concern over her early exposure to skincare and makeup, urging her to cherish her childhood instead of being a marketing machine.

Pixie owes the idea of the birthday-cum-retirement party to her mother, who must be incredibly proud of her daughter’s achievements. The young entrepreneur has made her mark and is now taking a well-deserved break from her business responsibilities to focus on her education.

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The retirement party, with its combination of excitement and bittersweet farewells, has caught the attention of many. It serves as a reminder of the immense talent and determination that can be found in young minds today.

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