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Sanchi Oswal, a finance and investment professional based in Bengaluru, recently shared her inspiring story with ‘Humans of Bombay.’ At the age of 21, she believed she had landed her dream job, earning well, traveling, and checking off all the boxes of a successful woman in finance. However, this success came at a cost.

Working long hours, often 12 to 14 hours a day, Oswal became an anxiety-ridden individual. The pandemic made things worse as remote work took over her life. She tried everything to cope – switching jobs, moving cities, therapy, exercise, and traveling – but nothing seemed to help.

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As the demands of her fast-paced career took a toll on her mental health, Oswal found herself on the edge of burnout. Anxiety crept into every aspect of her existence, leaving her sleepless and overwhelmed with worries about unfinished tasks.

On her 25th birthday, Oswal experienced a complete breakdown and made the brave decision to quit her job without having a backup plan. Although she had an open conversation with her boss, it wasn’t easy. Her relatives questioned her choice due to the generation gap, but her mother stood by her despite not fully understanding the decision.

Ultimately, quitting her stressful job turned out to be the best decision for Oswal. It allowed her to explore her passions and focus on herself. She even discovered a new source of income through freelance content writing, which not only gave her a creative outlet but also financial stability.

With her newfound freedom, Oswal decided not to settle for things that made her anxious anymore. She took charge of her own life and embraced a more balanced approach to work and personal life. As a result, she found happiness beyond the 12-hour workdays.:

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Sanchi Oswal’s journey serves as an inspiration for anyone facing burnout or struggling with a high-pressure career. By prioritizing mental health and embracing change, she transformed her life for the better. Her story reminds us all to seek balance, pursue our passions, and prioritize our well-being.

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