In a heart-pounding incident at Southend Theme Park in the United Kingdom, riders on “The Rage” rollercoaster found themselves stuck in mid-air when the ride broke down. The rollercoaster, reaching a towering 72 feet high, left a group of people hanging helplessly.

The scary ordeal began just after 2 pm local time, as captured in a video shared on Twitter by @SuppWarehouseUK. For nearly 40 minutes, the stranded riders awaited rescue while the rollercoaster stood still. Thankfully, park authorities swiftly responded to the distress call and launched rescue operations.

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A brave woman who was at the park with her six-year-old daughter described the situation. She said, “They had to be harnessed and rescued down. It got stuck, it’s the big one there that goes through the loop – it goes up, and then straight back down and then loops. It literally just got stuck, right at the top.”

Marc Miller, the managing director of Stockvale Group, which operates Adventure Island, explained that they activated their ride evacuation plan, which is approved by the Health and Safety Executive and Essex Fire and Rescue. Within 40 minutes, all passengers were safely brought back to the ground and reunited with their families.

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“The Rage” rollercoaster is famous for giving passengers a thrilling experience, with a drop of over 90 degrees. However, this time, the experience turned into a nerve-wracking and unforgettable adventure for all the wrong reasons.

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