Jaishankar Warning for Khalistani Terrorists

Khalistani Terrorists: India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, has issued a warning to Canada after threatening Khalistani posters emerged, posing a direct risk to Indian diplomats. India intends to address this issue through discussions with the Canadian government and other partner countries. It has urged countries like Canada, the United States, the UK, and Australia not to provide any space or support to Khalistanis, emphasizing that it would have a negative impact on bilateral relations.

Demarche sent to Trudeau administration

The Indian High Commission has taken swift action by sending a demarche to the Trudeau administration, seeking immediate measures against Khalistan extremists who have targeted Indian diplomats. These threatening posters, promoting a Khalistan freedom rally, prominently feature the pictures and contact details of Indian diplomats, endangering their safety and well-being.

“Kill India” rallies announced on social media

In addition to the alarming posters, the banned Khalistani terrorist group SJF (Sikhs For Justice) has utilized social media platforms to announce “kill India” rallies in multiple countries. This development further amplifies the concerns of the Indian government regarding the safety of its citizens and diplomats. The rise in hate crimes against Indians in Canada, including incidents glorifying the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the defacing of a statue of MK Gandhi, has deepened the sense of worry.

Canada’s stance and NDP’s support

While Canada officially does not recognize the SFJ-backed Khalistan Referendum, the National Democratic Party (NDP) openly supports it. This alliance between the NDP and the Trudeau government adds complexity to the situation and presents challenges for maintaining strong ties between India and Canada.

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India issues demarche to Canada over Khalistan referendum

India’s government has formally raised its concerns by sending a demarche to the Canadian government, urging them to halt the Khalistan referendum organized by the banned organization Sikhs For Justice. The referendum took place in Brampton, Ontario, with a reported participation of over 100,000 Canadian Sikhs, despite objections from India.

The Indian government has expressed apprehension about politically motivated extremists exploiting Canadian territory to carry out activities against India. Indian security agencies have alerted Canada to the potential danger of Khalistani extremists indoctrinating Sikh youth and gaining control over Gurudwaras, which could pave the way for the establishment of Khalistan in Canada.

Hate crimes against Indians in Canada have witnessed a surge, with incidents of temple defacement and anti-India graffiti. While the Trudeau government claims non-recognition of the Khalistan referendum, the open support it receives from the National Democratic Party (NDP) may trigger a strong reaction from the Modi government, which is already exerting pressure on Canada to address pro-Khalistan activities.

Khalistani terrorists vandalize BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in Toronto, Canada

Khalistani terrorists defaced the BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in Toronto, painting anti-India slogans on its walls. The Indian High Commission in Ottawa condemned this act of vandalism and called upon Canadian authorities to take immediate action. The Mayor of Brampton expressed disappointment and emphasized the importance of bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Canadian MP Chandra Arya also condemned the vandalism and highlighted the concerns of Hindu Canadians regarding hate crimes targeting Hindu temples. Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated occurrence, as several Hindu temples in Canada have been targeted in the past. In a similar incident, six Hindu temples in Toronto were attacked earlier this year, resulting in stolen money and ornaments.

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