Violent Clashes Erupt in France

France is once again experiencing violence. There are protests happening on the streets, stones are being thrown at the police, and widespread demonstrations are being witnessed. In the city of Paris, where everyone goes to see the Eiffel Tower, smoke from fires is now rising, and the police have to use force. The question arises, why is France burning? Why is the situation getting out of control in this developed country?

What is the Reason?

The main reason for the burning of France is a violent incident where a 17-year-old teenager died. A police officer fired a bullet, point-blank, which caused the death. It is currently being investigated whether this incident was a part of a conspiracy or just an unfortunate accident. It is alleged that the teenager was driving a rental car at high speed and had violated several traffic rules on multiple occasions.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. In the video, a car is seen speeding ahead, and the police car is chasing it. When they get close, shots are fired. The bullet hits the teenager, and the car crashes within seconds. The death of the teenager leads to a new controversy in the country.

Response Of The President Emmanuel Macron

President Emmanuel Macron expressed his grief over the incident. In a statement, he said that the killing of the teenager cannot be forgotten. The entire country is outraged. However, the President’s statement has angered the common people in France even more because this is not the first incident where someone has died due to police firing. This time, tensions have escalated significantly.

Protests were held outside the police headquarters. A car was set on fire, and fireworks were thrown at the police. Tear gas had to be used to control the situation. People are developing a belief that the police can shoot anyone without consequences. The way the President and the government have claimed their support for the teenager in this whole matter has sparked a new controversy within the police department.

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Tense Situation Escalated Due to Police Response

The Alliance Police Union in France has made it clear that a person should be considered innocent until proven guilty. This statement had to be made because ever since the police officer fired the bullet at the teenager, everyone is considering him a murderer. However, there is another side to this story. The teenager had violated several traffic rules, was driving at high speed, and attempted to escape despite the police’s attempts to stop him. The police consider this as their strongest defense and are trying to prove their officer’s innocence based on this.

In the midst of all this, the police tweeted a statement that has now been deleted, in which they attempted to justify the officer’s actions by praising him for shooting a young criminal. It even went on to say that the responsibility for the teenager’s death lies with his own family for not providing him with proper education. Although the tweet has been deleted, it has fueled people’s anger to new heights. People’s anger is justified for various reasons.

Bad Record Of The Police

Statistics show that in the past year, 13 people died in police firings at traffic stops. Similarly, in 2021, three people died, and in 2019, two people died. Importantly, most of the victims were non-white. In such a situation, questions arise about racial profiling and police brutality, which further adds to the anger and frustration of the people.

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