Violence in Afghanistan: According to a recent report from the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan, more than 1,000 Afghan civilians have lost their lives in bombings and other violent incidents since foreign forces left and the Taliban took control in 2021. The report, released on Tuesday, also states that between August 15, 2021, and May of this year, 1,095 civilians were killed and 2,679 were injured, highlighting the ongoing security challenges in the country.

Most of the deaths, more than 700, were caused by bombs, including suicide attacks, targeting places like mosques, schools, and markets. Although there has been a decrease in armed conflicts since the fall of the NATO-backed forces and the rise of the Taliban, there are still security issues, especially concerning the Islamic State.

The report mentions that terrorist groups are responsible for the majority of these attacks. It also notes that even though there have been fewer small-scale incidents, the severity of attacks has increased. The report says, “The UNAMA figures not only show the number of civilian casualties from these attacks but also reveal that suicide attacks have become more deadly since August 15, 2021, resulting in a larger number of civilian deaths despite fewer incidents.”

The Taliban has stated that their main focus is to ensure the country’s security, and they have conducted operations against the Islamic State in recent months. The report indicates that over 1,700 people have lost their lives in attacks carried out by the Islamic State.

On the other hand, the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the United Nations, stating that Afghanistan had faced security challenges for many years before taking power as the Islamic Emirate. However, they mentioned that the situation is improving now.

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