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Revant Himatsingka, popularly known as Food Pharma, a social media influencer, is back in the spotlight, raising questions about the healthiness of bread in India. In a recent video, he sheds light on the truth behind different types of bread and their impact on our health.

Himatsingka begins by stating that bread in India is a matter of concern. There are two main types: white bread, which is openly unhealthy, and brown/multigrain/whole wheat bread, which falsely claims to be healthy.

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He explains that white bread is made from refined flour or maida, which lacks significant nutritional value. The process of polishing the wheat removes its fiber layers, making it less beneficial for our health.

Moving on to brown bread, Himatsingka reveals that the brown color is not a result of wheat flour but is achieved through the use of caramel color 150A, similar to the colorants found in Coca Cola and Bournvita.

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As for multigrain bread, the food influencer clarifies that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Most multigrain breads in India contain more maida than whole wheat, with only a small percentage of actual whole wheat.

Considering the health implications of bread, Himatsingka advises people to opt for wheat flour rotis (Indian flatbreads) instead. However, for those who still prefer processed bread, he suggests carefully checking the ingredients listed on the packet. Avoid varieties with maida, palm oil, and preservatives, especially those from local bakers.

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Bread consumption has significantly increased in India over the years, leading to potential health issues. To make healthier choices, it’s essential to be aware of the deceptive claims made by certain bread varieties. Embracing whole wheat rotis or selecting bread with genuine whole wheat ingredients can be a better option for those who can’t resist the convenience of bread.

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