Online Gambling

A shocking online gambling scam came to light as a Nagpur businessman fell victim, losing a staggering amount of Rs 58 crore. The police investigation led to the discovery of a suspected bookie, Anant alias Sontu Navratan Jain, and the recovery of Rs 14 crore in cash and four kg of gold biscuits.

It all began when Jain convinced the businessman to try online gambling as a means of earning quick profits. Although hesitant at first, the businessman gave in to Jain’s persuasion and transferred Rs 8 lakh through a hawala merchant.

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Jain then provided the businessman with a link on WhatsApp to create an online gambling account. Initially, the businessman was thrilled to find Rs 8 lakh deposited into the account and started gambling.

At first, luck seemed to favor the businessman as he won some money, but soon his fortunes turned. He lost a staggering Rs 58 crore while managing to win only around Rs 5 crore.

Feeling suspicious and cheated, the businessman demanded his money back, but Jain coldly refused. The businessman promptly reported the scam to the cyber police, leading to the registration of a fraud case under the Indian Penal Code.

The police sprang into action and raided Jain’s residence in Gondia, located 160 km away from Nagpur. During the operation, they seized a substantial amount of evidence, including Rs 14 crore in cash and four kg of gold biscuits.

However, the elusive Jain managed to escape just before the police raid. They suspect that he may have fled to Dubai to evade arrest.

As the investigation continues, the police are meticulously counting the seized cash and gold to determine the exact amount recovered.

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This incident serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of online gambling and the need to stay vigilant against such scams. It highlights the importance of reporting any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly.

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