SBI Cardless

State Bank of India (SBI) has launched the “YONO for Every Indian” digital banking app, along with a new feature called Interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal (ICCW). These updates aim to provide better banking services for everyone.

What is Interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal?

ICCW allows customers of SBI and other banks to withdraw cash without using a physical card. Instead, they can use a UPI QR code on their phone. This makes the process more convenient and secure, as there’s no need to carry a card or enter a PIN.

What’s new with the ‘YONO for Every Indian’ app?

The app has been improved to offer UPI features, which means users can access a range of digital banking services. It’s designed to make banking easier and more accessible for everyone.

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Empowering People with Financial Independence

SBI’s goal is to empower all Indians by giving them more control over their finances. The upgraded app and the ICCW feature are steps towards achieving this mission.

Why is ICCW important?

ICCW allows customers from different banks to withdraw cash seamlessly. This means you’re not limited to your own bank’s ATM, making it more convenient for users.

In Short

SBI has introduced new features to their digital banking app and cash withdrawal process to enhance convenience and security. With ICCW, customers can withdraw cash without a physical card, making banking easier. The ‘YONO for Every Indian’ app now offers UPI features, giving users access to various digital banking services. SBI’s aim is to empower Indians by providing inclusive banking solutions and making financial independence a reality for all.

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