Stray Dogs

Mumbai Stray Dogs: In a heartwarming initiative, Mumbai has taken a step forward in safeguarding its stray dogs by providing them with Aadhaar cards attached to their necks, featuring QR codes. This thoughtful move aims to enhance the safety and well-being of these four-legged friends while also aiding potential reunions with their families if they ever go astray.

The concept was initiated by Akshay Ridlan, an engineer from Sion, who founded ‘’. Along with a team of volunteers, they set out on a mission to tag the stray dogs with QR code-laden Aadhaar cards and administer vaccinations. The unique QR codes can be easily scanned to access comprehensive information about each dog, a valuable tool in case they get lost.

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The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) actively participated in this project by providing vaccinations and basic health check-ups for the dogs. Dr. Kalim Pathan, the head of BMC’s veterinary health services, emphasized the importance of the initiative, which not only aids in reuniting lost dogs with their families but also helps BMC maintain a comprehensive database of the city’s stray dog population.

One of the dedicated volunteers, Sonia Shelar, a resident of Bandra, was responsible for chasing and feeding around 300 stray dogs daily. After being vaccinated by the BMC, the dogs received their QR-coded Aadhaar cards from another pawfriend member. This collaborative effort showcased the compassionate efforts of medical experts, local residents, and airport officials, who partnered with the pawfriend team to ensure the safety of both passengers and the furry inhabitants around Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

The pilot project’s success has raised optimism, with discussions underway on expanding this remarkable initiative across the city. Not only does it serve as a model for securing the well-being of stray dogs, but it also sets an inspiring precedent for other cities to follow.

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