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Internet Ban in Manipur Prolonged for Security Measures

In a move to maintain peace and public order, the Manipur government has extended the internet ban for an additional five days, effective from June 30 to July 5. This decision comes following a recent clash between security forces and suspected rioters in Kangpokpi district, resulting in the unfortunate loss of three lives.

Reasons for the Extension

The government’s decision to prolong the ban aims to prevent any potential disruptions to the state’s tranquility and security. By curtailing internet services, they aim to deter anti-social elements from misusing social media platforms to spread hate speech, incite violence, or share harmful content. The authorities are determined to uphold law and order, protecting the lives and properties of the people of Manipur.

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Impact on Internet Services

Initially implemented on May 3, the ban initially targeted mobile internet usage. However, on May 4, it was expanded to encompass all forms of internet connectivity. This comprehensive restriction aims to counter the dissemination of disinformation and false rumors, which can have detrimental effects on communal harmony and public safety.

Legal Consequences

The government’s order makes it clear that any individual found violating these regulations will face legal action. This strict approach is necessary to maintain the ban’s effectiveness and deter those who attempt to undermine peace and public order.

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