In Manipur, something really bad happened because of fake news. It all started with a photo and a message on the internet, saying a woman was attacked and killed. But it was a big lie! The woman was from Delhi, and the picture was not even recent. Despite the police trying to stop the rumors, the fake news spread quickly and caused big trouble.

Two women went through a terrible experience because of this false information. They were treated very badly and hurt by a mob. This happened after some fighting broke out in Manipur on the third of May.

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But this wasn’t the only bad thing. There were more stories with false information. Some people in Delhi were upset because of a wrong picture that showed a woman being hurt. It was not true at all. And there was another lie about a hospital that said they had many rape victims. It was all fake.

Social media was part of the problem too. It helped show what happened in Manipur, but it also spread the lies that caused trouble. Even when the internet was shut down, the fake news kept spreading.

The people in charge and the social media companies didn’t do enough to stop the lies. They warned about fake news, but it didn’t stop the bad things from happening.

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This is a big lesson for all of us. Fake news can be very dangerous and hurt people. We need to be careful and not believe everything we see online. Everyone needs to work together to make the internet a safe place for everyone.

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