In a world where a company’s billboard game can capture attention, Flipkart, the popular online retailer, proved its creative prowess with a sassy advertisement that has taken the internet by storm.

On July 20, 2023, Twitter user Pranav Mailarpawar shared a post featuring billboards from various companies, including Sony, Puma, Samsung, and Asus. Among them, it was Flipkart’s billboard that truly stood out. The witty text on the board read, “There are 7 ads around us. Har ad mein jo dikhta hai, wo Flipkart pe milta hai (All the products in the ads are available on Flipkart).” The caption accompanying the post humorously remarked, “Flipkart got no chill.”

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Since its appearance on Twitter, the post has garnered nearly 800,000 views and has been met with enthusiastic praise from netizens. Many admired Flipkart’s marketing brilliance, with users hailing it as “Marketing at its best” and commending the company with a “Well played, Flipkart.” The ad’s confident energy even earned it the title of “OG billboard.”

Flipkart’s ability to blend humor and relevance in their advertisement struck a chord with social media users, making it a viral sensation.

The success of Flipkart’s billboard campaign is not just about being witty but also about effectively conveying its message. The ad cleverly highlights that the products showcased in other billboards are available on Flipkart, emphasizing the convenience and vast product range the platform offers to customers.

This brilliant marketing strategy resonates with audiences and showcases Flipkart’s understanding of its target customers. By using simple language and humor, Flipkart successfully engages users and establishes a relatable connection with them.

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