Go First

Go First has announced the cancellation of flights until July 16. The company expressed its regret for the inconvenience caused and directed customers to refer to its official policy for information on filing claims. To address any queries or concerns, customers were encouraged to contact the airline directly.

The airline acknowledged that the flight cancellations may have disrupted travel plans and assured passengers of their commitment to provide necessary assistance. Go First also informed customers that they had filed an application for immediate resolution and revival of operations, indicating the potential for resuming bookings in the near future. The airline expressed gratitude for the patience demonstrated by its customers during this challenging period.

Team Go First urged affected passengers to reach out to their Customer Care Centre at 1800 2100 999 or send an email to feedback@flygofirst.com, emphasizing their willingness to help and accommodate individual needs.

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In recent developments, the Delhi High Court granted permission to Go First airline to conduct maintenance on its leased aircraft, with periodic inspections allowed by the lessors. This decision comes in response to appeals made by the resolution professional appointed to manage the airline under the insolvency law. The court further clarified that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is free to act on the airline’s plan for resuming operations.

Previously, a single judge had issued an interim order on July 5, permitting lessors to inspect their aircraft twice a month and perform necessary maintenance. The order was in response to petitions filed by several lessors seeking de-registration of their planes from the DGCA, aiming to reclaim them from the airline.

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