A French woman had an extraordinary experience when a meteorite struck her while she was enjoying coffee with her friend on an outdoor terrace. The incident, reported by Newsweek on July 6, left everyone baffled.

Witnessing the rare event, the woman described the moment, saying, “I heard a big ‘Poom’ coming from the roof next to us. In the second that followed, I felt a shock in the ribs. I thought it was an animal, a bat! We thought it was a piece of cement, the one we apply to the ridge tiles. But it didn’t have the color.”

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Curious about the mysterious pebble, the woman consulted a local roofer who confirmed that it was not cement but indeed looked like a meteorite. Seeking further confirmation, she showed the object to geologist Thierry Rebmann, who verified its extraterrestrial origin. The meteorite contained a mix of iron and silicon, not uncommon in such objects.

Rebmann noted that discovering a meteorite is already rare, but to be directly struck by one is astronomically uncommon. He explained that finding meteorites is easier in desert environments compared to temperate regions.

NASA defines meteorites as “space rocks” that survive their journey through Earth’s atmosphere and reach the ground. Astonishingly, around 50 tonnes of meteoritic material fall to Earth daily.

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The incident serves as a reminder of the remarkable occurrences that can happen in our universe, where celestial objects from space can have a direct impact on our lives.

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