Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visits to the United States and Egypt, saying they were important for India. She criticized opposition parties for raising unimportant issues for their own gain. When asked about Muslims in India, Sitharaman clarified that the Modi government believes in working together for everyone’s development and does not discriminate against any particular community.

Sitharaman spoke at a press conference and mentioned that some people join debates just to discuss irrelevant issues. She said that accusing without proper knowledge shows their involvement in an organized campaign. She also stated that opposition parties cannot compete with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in elections, so they are running such campaigns. The Congress party plays a special role in this, according to her.

Sitharaman also criticized former US President Barack Obama’s comments in an interview where he made remarks about Indian Muslims. She mentioned that under Obama’s administration, more than 26,000 bombs were dropped on six Muslim-majority countries.

She said, ‘…I am speaking with caution; we want good relations with America. But when comments on India’s religious tolerance come from there, and perhaps because of those comments, bombings occurred in six Muslim-majority countries…from Syria to Yemen…more than 26,000 bombs were dropped…how can people trust his (Obama’s) accusations.'”

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