A farmer from Pune, Maharashtra, Ishwar Gaikar, has achieved a remarkable earning of over ₹2.8 crore by selling tomatoes amidst the current surge in tomato prices nationwide. He, along with his wife, aims to surpass this achievement by reaching a target of ₹3.5 crore with around 4000 crates of tomatoes still available on their farm.

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Gaikar’s journey towards success has been one of hard work and perseverance. Cultivating tomatoes on his 12-acre farm for the past six-seven years, he faced losses in the past but never lost hope. Even in 2021, he endured a loss of ₹18-20 lakhs, but he did not give up. This year, he cultivated tomatoes on all 12 acres of his land and has already sold approximately 17,000 crates, earning ₹2.8 crore so far. The prices per crate ranged from ₹770 to ₹2311.

Expressing his gratitude for his family’s support, Gaikar credits his wife, who works alongside him on the farm, and the encouragement from his parents and grandparents for his success. The entire family is elated with the prices they received for their tomatoes.

Initially expecting prices of around 30 rupees per kg for tomatoes, Gaikar’s fortunes took a turn for the better this season, resulting in a bumper harvest and higher returns. Having been farming since 2005, he inherited the profession from his father and expanded his cultivation from one acre to 12 acres since 2017, with the availability of labor.

Besides tomatoes, Gaikar and his wife also grow onions and flowers, aligned with the respective seasons. This diversified approach likely contributed to their overall success.

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In a recent relief for consumers, the Centre reduced the wholesale price of tomatoes from ₹90 to ₹80 per kg in several cities, including Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, and Patna. This step was taken to ease the burden of high tomato prices. The revised prices took effect from July 16 through the National Agriculture Cooperation Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) and the National Consumer Cooperation Federation (NCCF). The prices may be further adjusted in other cities depending on the market conditions.

Overall, Ishwar Gaikar’s incredible story of perseverance and success in the face of challenges serves as an inspiration to other farmers and entrepreneurs across the country.

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