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Pre-Planned Violence with Unclear Motives

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has hinted at the involvement of external forces or elements in the ethnic violence that has resulted in loss of lives in the state. In an exclusive interview with ANI, Singh expressed his belief that the violence seems “pre-planned”. He noted that Manipur shares borders with Myanmar and is in close proximity to China. The porous and unguarded nature of the 398 km border poses challenges in maintaining security.

Efforts to Restore Peace and Reconciliation

The Chief Minister emphasized that both the central and state governments are actively working to restore peace in Manipur. Singh recently spoke with the Kuki community, urging forgiveness, reconciliation, and a return to peaceful coexistence. He stated that the government’s focus is on screening individuals entering the state and subsequently sending them back once the situation in Myanmar stabilizes.

Unity among Tribes and Commitment to Prevent Division

Singh made an impassioned appeal to the people of Manipur, stressing the importance of unity among the state’s 34 tribes. He expressed his determination not to allow Manipur to fracture along ethnic lines. The Chief Minister pledged to maintain demographic balance and rejected the idea of a separate administrative authority. Singh assured that he is ready to make sacrifices to preserve the unity of the state.

Background: Ethnic Violence Triggered by Protest

The ethnic violence erupted on May 3 during a rally organized by the All Tribal Students Union (ATSU). The protest aimed to challenge the demand for including Meiteis in the list of Scheduled Tribes (STs), leading to clashes and subsequent violence.

A Call for Harmony and a Peaceful Manipur

In conclusion, Chief Minister N Biren Singh called for all tribes to live together harmoniously, safeguarding Manipur’s unity. He emphasized the need to carefully manage external migration to avoid demographic imbalances. Singh assured the people that he is fully committed to preventing any division within Manipur, vowing to take necessary steps to preserve peace and harmony in the state.

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