Bahubali Thali

In Chennai, Ponnuswamy Hotel faced backlash for introducing the “Bahubali” thali, which has caused a stir on Twitter after a video showcasing the item went viral. The thali, priced at Rs 1,399, has drawn mixed reactions from the public.

The video, posted by @Ananth_IRAS, featured two staff members delivering the grand “Bahubali” thali to a customer’s table. The tweet quickly garnered attention, with many users expressing concerns about the potential for food wastage due to the thali’s substantial size and variety.

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One Twitter user remarked, “Sad, what a waste of food, when half the world is starving.” Another expressed, “True. Lot of food wastage would be there. Plus all good will get so cold. I hate when food is served cold.” Several others chimed in, indicating that such a lavish thali might lead to excessive food waste, making it an impractical and environmentally unfriendly choice.

Despite the criticisms, one user did point out that the thali’s price might not be entirely unreasonable given its size and offerings. However, the general consensus among commenters was that the potential for food wastage outweighed any merits the thali may have had.

Food wastage is a significant concern globally, and such opulent offerings can contribute to the problem. With hunger and food insecurity prevalent in many parts of the world, the display of excessive food in a single thali could be seen as insensitive.

While the Ponnuswamy Hotel may have aimed to offer a unique and extravagant dining experience, the social media backlash highlights the importance of being conscious about food consumption and promoting responsible dining practices.

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It is essential for restaurants and eateries to strike a balance between creativity and practicality when designing their menus. Ensuring that portion sizes are appropriate and customers are informed about the quantity of food they will receive can help mitigate potential food wastage.

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