In a significant development, the Congress has finally announced its support for the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) campaign against the central order that seized control of Delhi’s bureaucracy. This move comes after weeks of uncertainty and is expected to bolster the upcoming opposition meeting.

“We are not going to support the ordinance on control of services in Delhi,” stated Congress general secretary KC Venugopal during a recent interaction with news agency PTI. He also expressed optimism that the AAP would join the scheduled meeting the following day.

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The AAP had previously made it clear that it would only participate in the meeting if the Congress stood in alignment with their position on the Delhi ordinance. With the Congress now backing their stance, it sets the stage for a more united opposition front.

This development is significant as it represents a show of unity among opposition parties in their resistance against the central government’s attempt to take control of Delhi’s bureaucracy. The contentious order has been a subject of heated debate and has triggered concerns about the erosion of regional autonomy.

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By supporting the AAP’s campaign, the Congress aims to strengthen the opposition’s voice and convey a clear message of dissent against the central government’s actions. This move could also pave the way for greater collaboration between different opposition parties on various issues of national importance.

As the opposition meeting approaches, the spotlight remains on the strategy they will adopt to challenge the central government’s decision effectively. With various parties joining forces, the impact of their collective stance could be substantial.

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