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China: The increase in youth suicides in China has raised alarm and sparked the need for a special program to address the intense academic pressure faced by students. Shockingly, suicides among children aged 5-14 have risen by almost 10% annually from 2010 to 2021. Similarly, suicides among those aged 15-24 initially dropped by 7% until 2017 but have since dramatically increased by nearly 20% in the past four years.

This surge in youth suicides is a significant concern, especially when contrasted with the overall decline in suicide rates across all age groups in the country. Experts attribute this increase to the highly competitive school environment, where students account for half of all cases of depressive disorders in China. They emphasize the urgent need to implement programs that draw on successful international practices to identify signs of suicidal behavior at an early stage.

Challenges Amplified by the Pandemic and Job Market Struggles

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting high youth unemployment rates have intensified the pressure on Chinese youth. The weight of academic expectations combined with the uncertainty of future job prospects has pushed many young people to their breaking point. Recent tragic incidents, such as the suicides of student Hu Xinyu and the untimely death of singer Coco Lee, have highlighted the critical importance of addressing mental health concerns.

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Prioritizing Mental Health: A Call to Action

Parents and teachers often prioritize academic success, sometimes overlooking children’s mental health issues. It is crucial to shift the focus and prioritize mental well-being alongside academic achievements. Calls on social media platforms to prioritize mental health and support the emotional well-being of young individuals are growing.

Addressing the Crisis: Urgent Steps Required

Experts urge the Chinese government to take immediate and decisive action by developing comprehensive programs tailored specifically to children and adolescents. These programs should draw on successful international models and place emphasis on early identification of suicidal behavior, providing the necessary support systems. Creating a safe and supportive environment that nurtures both academic growth and mental well-being is crucial.

Reforming Education: Striking a Balance

Recognizing the detrimental effects of excessive pressure on students, Beijing implemented a significant overhaul of the education technology sector in 2021. Profit-making companies offering the school curriculum were banned, aiming to reduce anxiety caused by the reliance on private tutors. This reform marks a step towards striking a healthier balance between academic performance and mental well-being.

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