Chandrayaan-3 is a forthcoming lunar exploration mission led by ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organisation. The mission will consist of a lander and rover, with no orbiter component. Its primary objectives include studying the Moon’s composition, demonstrating soft landing capabilities, and observing Earth from the lunar orbit.

Key Features and Modifications

The lander design for Chandrayaan-3 incorporates four throttle-able engines and improved impact legs for enhanced performance and stability during landing. Notably, the mission will not include an orbiter as in the previous Chandrayaan-2 mission.

Launch Date and Collaborations

The launch of Chandrayaan-3 is scheduled for July 13, 2023, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India. ISRO has also partnered with Japan’s JAXA for collaboration on this lunar mission.

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Objectives and Cost

Chandrayaan-3 aims to achieve a soft landing on the lunar surface, enabling the deployment of the rover for scientific experiments. The mission seeks to gather vital data about the Moon’s characteristics and Earth’s spectral and polarimetric measurements. The estimated cost for Chandrayaan-3 stands at approximately Rs 615 crore.

Preparations and Livestream

The Launch Vehicle Mark III (LVM3) rocket, capable of carrying an 8,000 kg payload to low-Earth orbit, has been moved to the launch pad in Sriharikota for the upcoming mission. ISRO has begun the final preparations, and the official launch date is confirmed for July 14, 2023. The entire launch event will be livestreamed, allowing enthusiasts to follow the progress and updates of this significant lunar exploration mission.

With Chandrayaan-3, India continues its pursuit of scientific exploration on the Moon, aiming to contribute to our understanding of lunar terrain and advance space research capabilities.

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