Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) President and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh has strongly refuted allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him. In a recent report, Brij Bhushan defended himself by explaining that he used yoga exercises to assess the breathing patterns of wrestlers and denied any inappropriate touching.

During a hearing before a government-appointed Oversight Committee, Brij Bhushan categorically denied the charges, emphasizing that they were “baseless and false.” He highlighted the importance of yoga exercises, particularly reverse breathing, in monitoring the wrestlers’ respiratory patterns. Demonstrating the technique, he placed his hand on his own stomach to indicate that the abdomen should expand when inhaling and contract when exhaling.

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The allegations stemmed from a complaint filed by one of the wrestlers who claimed that Brij Bhushan had touched her stomach and chest multiple times while commenting on her breathing pattern. In response, Brij Bhushan explained that he and the coaching staff were perplexed by the wrestler’s decision-making during training sessions and suspected that her breathing pattern might be reversed. He suggested that this reversal could be causing sleep disturbances, citing his personal experience of struggling with sleep issues due to a similar condition.

Brij Bhushan’s intention behind demonstrating the breathing exercises was to assist the wrestler and her coach in understanding proper breathing techniques. He encouraged her to consider joining yoga classes for further improvement. However, he maintained that there was no ulterior motive or inappropriate behavior on his part.

The WFI president’s stance on the matter has raised debates and discussions within the wrestling community. While the Oversight Committee will thoroughly examine all aspects of the case, it is essential to ensure a fair investigation and avoid jumping to conclusions before all the facts are presented.

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In conclusion, Brij Bhushan Singh, the WFI president, has strongly denied the allegations of sexual harassment brought against him. By utilizing yoga exercises to evaluate breathing patterns, he sought to assist the wrestler in improving her performance. The situation calls for a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the truth, taking into account the perspectives of all parties involved.

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