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Bollywood, one of the most undereducated industries, often produces movies that lack coherence. However, due to their fluency in English, many people mistakenly assume that Bollywood celebrities are well-educated. Fluency in English has become synonymous with intelligence and education in India, overshadowing other forms of knowledge and abilities.

For instance, my four-year-old nephew, who struggles with dyslexia and has difficulty learning the alphabet, is often considered intelligent because of his fluent American accent in English. But do we consider a child who speaks fluent Tamil at the age of four as intelligent? No, we focus on their academic performance and other cognitive abilities.

English has become the default benchmark for education in India, leading to the misguided perception that individuals like Pappu, Alia Bhatt, or Kajol are well-educated. Their comments and opinions are treated as newsworthy, as if they come from highly qualified individuals. Political parties even share their statements on social media, giving them undue significance.

Until we break free from the notion that English equals education, we remain mentally enslaved by the British legacy. The day we stop equating language fluency with intelligence, we will truly achieve independence from our colonial past. It’s worth noting that throughout history, most of the low-educated rulers in India belonged to political dynasties.

They achieved power despite lacking formal education, such as Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi, who were college dropouts, or Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, who were school dropouts. Even Pappu, despite holding paper degrees, is not exempt from criticism. Let us redefine education beyond language and acknowledge diverse forms of knowledge and abilities. Only then can we truly claim independence from the lingering effects of British colonialism.


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