Bakri Eid

Bakri Eid 2023: A recent incident in Meera Road, near Mumbai, caused unrest when a Muslim individual brought two goats for sacrifice during Bakri Eid 2023. This action angered other residents of the JP Infra Society, leading them to raise slogans in support of Lord Ram. Tensions escalated, and some people began reciting prayers. The news quickly reached the police, who arrived at the society. A heated argument broke out between the police and the society residents on the evening of June 27th. To restore peace, the police appealed to remain calm.

Understanding the Situation

According to the available information, a man named Mohsin Sheikh brought two goats to the JP Infra Society for the purpose of sacrificing them. However, the residents of the society opposed this action and demanded that the goats be immediately removed from the premises. The residents united and pledged to protest against the incident. Chaos ensued within the society. Upon receiving the information, the Meera Road police quickly responded to the incident. Police officers appealed to the citizens to maintain peace, but there were intense clashes between agitated residents and the police.

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No Permission for Sacrifice within the Society

The police clarified that sacrificing animals within any society is not allowed according to the rules and regulations. They assured the public that strict action would be taken against anyone found guilty of violating these regulations. Considering the sentiments of other citizens apart from those residing in the society, Mohsin Sheikh was instructed to remove goat from the society premises.

This incident highlights the challenges faced in maintaining peace and harmony during religious festivals. The diverse nature of India calls for respect and understanding among different communities. It is crucial to ensure that religious practices are carried out within the boundaries of the law and with consideration for the sentiments of all individuals.

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