Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has called upon the central government to take immediate action as the water level of the Yamuna river continues to surge. Expressing concern over the impending flood situation, Kejriwal wrote a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah, emphasizing the negative impact it could have on the upcoming G20 summit. Recognizing the importance of projecting a positive image of the city, the Chief Minister urged for the controlled release of water from Hathnikund, aiming to prevent further escalation of the water level.

The Yamuna river has already surpassed the danger level mark, reaching a staggering 207.55 meters by 1 pm on Wednesday. This not only breached the previous 44-year record but also poses a significant threat to the flood-prone areas of the city. As a preventive measure, the Delhi Police has enforced Section 144 in these vulnerable zones, while evacuations from low-lying areas have been underway since earlier this week. All police stations have been put on high alert to ensure the safety of the residents.

In response to the escalating situation, two police stations in North East Delhi, situated in flood-prone areas, have been instructed to relocate to higher floors. Additionally, neighboring police stations have been advised to remain vigilant due to the breach of the danger level by the Yamuna river, with the water level showing no signs of receding.

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The Delhi government has been actively involved in relocating residents from low-lying areas to safer locations at higher altitudes. To accommodate the displaced individuals, the government has set up 2,500 tents across six districts of the national capital. Police personnel and Civil Defence Volunteers are stationed at these sites, ensuring the safety and well-being of those affected by the rising water levels. Moreover, advisories have been issued to the public, advising them to stay away from the river for their own safety.

As the situation remains critical, Delhi awaits the central government’s intervention to address the alarming rise of the Yamuna river and prevent further damage. The Chief Minister’s urgent appeal to mitigate the flood risk before the G20 summit highlights the need for immediate action and the significance of projecting a positive image to the world.

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