In a peculiar job posting that has gone viral on Chinese social media, a Shenzen-based electronics company has sparked a heated discussion with its unusual requirements for potential candidates. The advertisement states that they are seeking individuals who refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and consuming meat.

The posting gained traction on social media platforms after an applicant shared their interaction with the company’s human resources employee. According to The South China Morning Post, the company is offering monthly salaries starting at 5,000 yuan (approximately Rs 57,000) for operational and merchandiser roles, along with free accommodation. However, the insistence on candidates’ lifestyle choices has raised eyebrows.

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During an online interview, the applicant questioned the company’s unique demands. “Don’t smoke? Don’t drink? Don’t eat meat?” the applicant asked, to which the interviewer responded curtly, “Just mind your own business.”

The interviewer later explained that the company’s stringent requirements were not due to bias against certain candidates, but rather a reflection of their corporate culture. In an interview with Bailu Video, the unnamed human resources professional justified the stance, stating that eating meat is an act of killing, despite providing pleasure, and that it hinders one’s ability to show kindness to oneself and others.

She added that the company’s canteen refrains from offering any meat dishes to foster a healthy corporate culture. However, she emphasized that the company does not force candidates to adhere to these rules and that they can make their own choices.

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The job posting has triggered an array of reactions on Chinese social media. Some users found humor in the situation, wondering if the company was hiring monks or nuns instead of regular employees. Others speculated that the canteen’s intention might be to cut costs on meat.

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